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Xi’an IC Industry

Xi'an IC industry developed since Microelectronics Institute made China's first Aerospace Professional Micro-computer in 1965. Xi'an is always the China's key IC education, science research and trial base. Here was born many China's FIRST in IC industry history. Xi'an is the 2nd National IC Design Industry Center. In addition, Xi'an is also China's important semiconductor technology talent training and output base.

Since the beginning of 21st century, under the strong supports of Shaanxi Provincial Government and Xi'an Municipal Government, Xi'an IC industry has made breakthrough progress. Up to now, the full industry chain is formed by equipment manufacturing, silicon material manufacturing, IC design, IC manufacturing, Packaging and Testing, new discrete devices and system application, etc. There are over 200 IC related companies including 100 IC design houses, 13 foundries and packages, 8 silicon material manufactures, 10 equipment manufacturers, besides 3 testing analyzing centers, 20 related science research organization, 8 education organizations, 3 National IC talent training bases, 2 technology training center and several professional service organizations including financing, IP exchange, incubator, project consulting, etc.

Xi'an National IC Design Industrial Center

Approved by MST (The Ministry of Science and Technology) on Nov. 15th, 2000, only after Shanghai ICC approved firstly, XAICC (Xi'an National IC Design Industry Center) is the second national ICC among the 8 ICCs in all over China.

To promote and support the industry development, XAICC is the advisor of the governmental industry policy maker, the gas station of the growing enterprises, the promoter of the industry development. XAICC's industry services cover the industry research, investment and intellectual attraction, business incubation, technical services, and personnel trainings, achievements transfer, international cooperation and communication, information consulting, etc.

XAICC's target is to assemble the advantage resources, to create good industry environment, to promote the cohesion of HR, technology and enterprises, to develop IC industry groups and to cultivate the new growth points of regional hi-tech industry.

XAICC provides two big service systems including Industry Technology Service System and Industry Public Service System. The former system depends on EDA Platform, Test Analyzing Platform, Training Platform, MPW & IP Service Platform and Information Platform. And the other system depends on Enterprise Incubator platform, Business Investment and Intellectual Attraction Platform, VC and Financing Platform, International Cooperation and Communication Platform, Industry Research Platform, Project Service Platform.





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