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  • Training Service
  • Production Service

    To provide R&D convenient access on IP protection, product design validation and production for IC design houses.

    1. EDA tool and environment rent service.

    2. MPW and foundry agent service.

    3. IP reuse and back-end design service.

    4. Product validation and data analysis service.

    5. Package and testing service for pilot run..

    Testing Service

    To integrate Xi'an testing resources, specialize in IC testing, Burn-in screen, software and hardware development and related technical matched services.

    1. SoC test hardware and software development solution consulting.

    2. SoC probe card and test board design and manufacturing coordination and consulting.

    3. SoC test package development on the testing machines including J750/J971/V93K/T6575, etc.

    4. To provide mass production testing on wafers of 6"/8"/12".

    5. Test package conversion between different platforms.

    6. To provide IC and discrete device aging and screening testing solutions.

    Information Service

    To integrate, plan and publish Xi'an IC industry, and to expand local IC industry influence by the platform of network, exhibition and media, etc.

    1.Information release and exchange network platform—

    2. Website and E-mail system construction services for enterprises.

    3. To organize local enterprises to join industry exhibition and seminars.

    4. To release local enterprises, products, innovation technology and big events.

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    Director, Mr Lv Zhuo, 029-88328230-8001

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  • Industry Research

    To research industry development trend and policy, full the industry chain, expand the industry assembly, to create industry development innovation environment.

    1. Industry survey and analysis.

    2.Industry policy and suggestion.

    3.industry planning and development discussion.

    4. Plan and demonstrate the key industry projects.

    Enterprise Service

    Based on enterprises incubation, outstanding the professional service, to promote the achievements transformation and enterprise development.

    1. Start-up consulting, support and incubate for small enterprises, to promote industry alliance.

    2. To organize to apply technology R&D and industrialization projects, to promote technology transfer and application.

    3. To supervise, manage and organize project acceptance inspection.

    4. IC Design house Certification and IP service.

    5. Industry investment & financing and introduction service.

    International Communication and Cooperation

    To integrate industry resources, enlarge industry scale, to promote industry cooperation and communications.

    1. Business consulting and advisory services, to introduce big projects.

    2. To attract and introduce overseas experts and technology talents.

    3. Overseas start-up and work guidance and consulting.

    4. To organize and plan international exchange activities, to hold the investment promotion events.

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    Director, Mr Lv Zhuo, 029-88328230-8001

    Contact, Mr Zhao Cheng, 029-88328230-8022>

  • Training Service

    Xi'an has abundant human resources and higher education ranks the top of China. Based on 1 million college and university students and over 400 thousand mechanic students currently, Xi'an IC Talents Training Project is implemented and cultivate skilled talents.

    1. IC design training including digital, analog, mixed signal, EDA, etc.

    2. Embedded system application training including the mainstream MCU design application, ARM series, embedded software, etc.

    3. FPGA technology application training including FPGA technology application, SOPC design application, etc.

    4. Mechanic training including semiconductor related production technical skills on packaging, testing, manufacturing.

    5. Customized training including professional training according to the request of enterprises.

    HR Service

    To provide the industry levels of high-quality efficient professional semiconductor talents for long-term and multi-regional services.

    1. Public recruitment to help enterprise choose the most effective recruitment way and the proper target talents.

    2. Campus recruitment to organize the HR related events including the company advertisements, recruitment, etc.

    3. Talents reservation to reserve manpower and development plans to meet the HR demands upon the company strategy and BD plans.

    Xi'an Microelectronics Technology Training Center (XAICTC)

    XAICTC is the executive organization of XAICC Training Platform, the exclusive professional technology training center in the Northwest of China. XAICTC equips copyrighted international mainstream EDA software and is the authorized training center of Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor, Magma and CEC HED. It also promotes China's national EDA software and demonstration. In addition, XAICTC establishes Auto- Electronics Lab, SOPC Application Lab, etc cooperating with well-known domestic and international institutions and companies to promote the embedded technology application and training.

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    Director, Mr Lv Zhuo, 029-88328230-8001

    Contact, Mr Zhao Cheng, 029-88328230-8022>

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